the smell of freshly baked awesomeness

23 Apr
  • friends who listen and don’t judge. i’ve needed to rant a lot lately.
  • eventually passing my visual field test and not having to worry about more doctors.
  • allergy medicine. which also makes me really thirsty so it forces me to drink tons of water.
  • swimming hard, coming home and my body feeling exhausted.
  • sharing a lane with nice people who are considerate swimmers. some days you end up next to people who kick you, other times you have people who aren’t actually in the pool to swim. i really appreciate when the person i’m sharing with takes the time to ask if they can share, introduces him/herself and is courteous.
  • weekend sleep. sometimes during the week, it is a struggle to sleep restfully. at least on weekends, i have no time limitations and can sleep whenever i want.
  • teammates that i can trust to help me always improve my game. not just turn a blind eye to poor performance
  • getting my feature to work out and actually liking it. at one point i was regretting not hand drawing it, but it turned out really nice.
  • reassurance. it’s hard to be sure of myself sometimes, especially lately. it was nice to hear that i’m not alone from someone else even if i know it deep down.

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