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Taking risks

30 May
  • Pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and realizing that I can do more than I thought that I was capable of.
  • Eating a nice dinner every now and then. Spending time and money with my friends and treating myself is important.
  • A positive and humble attitude. It is always appreciated and returned with an equally welcoming attitude.
  • Swimming. Some days are harder than others. I love that swimming can involve minimal effort so that I can push myself harder than usual and still not overexert myself
  • G. She always inspires me by how well she manages her life with ease, despite so many obstacles thrown in her path.
  • Air condition. I may like heat and humidity, but I can definitely appreciate it when I’m feeling dizzy at work while trying to meet deadlines.
  • New clothes. I always feel like a new person when I have fabulous new outfit combinations to try.
  • Trying new recipes. I was so lazy for a while, but I forgot how nice it is to cook nice foods.
  • Random DC people who go out of their way to help me in times of need. I never expected that from a city of supposedly cold, business-oriented people.

Family bonding time

22 May
  • DC’s new revelations in the restaurant industry. I love that some of my favorite NY places are coming to DC and making this area a better place to be.
  • Having a cast made me appreciate doing everyday things with ease like showering, washing my hands or doing dishes. While I hated it, it was prob a good idea to have it since I am not the most careful person ever.
  • Friends who make you forget the time. Friends who bring out the best in you and make you feel alive.
  • Fun days with the coworkers.
  • Swimming. Especially when I have a terrible day, I can trust that I can go swimming and pass out from exhaustion afterwards. I really missed this while I had my cast and I had had such a terrible, irritable mood.
  • Winning our second game for FXA. Losing seasons suck. Having teammates who make it worthwhile is awesome. I really enjoyed being able to play both ways again, and it still always amazes me if I ever get thrown the ball. Confidence boosting.
  • Getting to know DC streets better. I now don’t always have to drive around DC with GPS on.
  • Peace and trust. Things that I always need more of and am slowly relearning to find.
  • Thinking of you emails. While long messages are daunting, I love short hellos and letters of love.
  • Sundress weather. Amassing a collection of dresses. Finding good bargains.
  • The ORC is open! I will get around to sunbathing eventually.
  • Longer daylight hours. I love being able to swim with the natorium lit by sunlight. It’s this awesome feeling like being outside and more peaceful.
  • Fabulous rain storms. They have and always will make me stare with wonder.

losing track of time w good friends

15 May
  • girls nights out.
  • meeting new people.
  • adding to my group of friends who like going out.
  • playing good defense: breaking up passes, getting sacks and pulling flags
  • ff dates.
  • coach bryan.
  • productive work weeks
  • overall good performance reviews.
  • the freedom of designing something from scratch.
  • redesigns and refreshes
  • harry potter and other good books that make cycling at the gym bearable.
  • less people at the gym bc of finals and nice weather
  • good concerts
  • amazing voices
  • soul food
  • homey food like pb+banana sandwiches
  • justice
  • hanging punctuation, hanging numbers.
  • grids
  • getting my cast off
  • sleeping in
  • thinking of you phone calls

Evening talks w my dad

5 May
  • Joy. Tonight is the happiest that I’ve felt in a while. Inexplicable joy when life throws that many blessings at me, I can’t help but feel thankful. Similar to how I felt when visiting Rob and arriving at his NY apt, so happy that I couldn’t help but give him the biggest hug greetings ever.
  • Instantaneous communication via social media and cell phone gadgetry. I love that I can leave people messages and they will see them very close to real-time. I love that although I have friends around the country and world, I can easily communicate with them instead of having to write letters, which I tend to neglect doing.
  • Hearing from old loves. I still miss New York a ton and possibly always will unless I move there. In the meantime, it makes me really happy to hear from people up there and know that I always have friends up there.
  • Evening talks w my dad. My dad is very funny when you get to know him. He doesn’t tell good jokes and tells really random stories (hmmm, more of daddy’s genes?), but somehow it makes me laugh. He also isn’t quite up to date with technology and doesn’t know what’s “in,” but he teaches a class and between them and me, he learns about new things like slang and Twitter. Then he’ll try to incorporate this knowledge into daily life and it is hilarious. (We also talk about normal things like business, which are just nice to talk with him about.)
  • Stuffed animals. Everyone knows that I am a 6y.o. on the inside, so still having stuffed animals shouldn’t surprise anyone. I don’t care what anyone says, but sometimes after a long day or an aching heart, my stuffed animals can be better friends than my real friends.)
  • Sending Terp to print. Every issue of Terp magazine takes maybe 4 months to pull together. Designing takes up a good chunk of this time and a lot, lot, lot of creative brainpower. I am so glad to send it out the door and excited to publish my first feature design.
  • Design competitions and work. I am really lucky to work at a place where fabulously designed work is produced. I am even luckier to be able to call some of it my own and have work pay for its entries into design competitions. I’m still excited about my first design award and whatever future projects for which I might also be rewarded.
  • Organized work and living spaces. Everything has it’s place, even if it’s a pile. That said, I can’t stand when my room or desk get too messy. I like order. I like lists. Calendars. Fabulous record-keeping. And yet I am far from having OCD.
  • Nice ERC equipment desk people. All the regularly schedule people seem to know me now and don’t have to ask for my name anymore. This is great customer service.
  • Terrapin Pride. Maryland Day was Saturday. Gary Williams retired today. I am proud to belong to a school where school pride runs high and traditions and legends live on.
  • Warm sunny days and getting my first bit of sun tan (burn) this year.
  • My industry and job. I am part of the small percentage of people who have a job that they actually enjoy. Knowing that so many of my own friends are unhappy with where they are upsets me. I don’t I’d be very happy or pleasant if I hated my job.
  • Toasted PB+banana sandwiches. Sometimes cheap lunches are the best.
  • Calcium and vitamin D. I am not very pleasant when injured. These nutrients help keep me sane.
  • A finger cast instead of a cast that immobilizes my pinky. Especially now that it’s loose, I am so thankful to be able to move and wiggle my finger.
  • The words “weeble wobble.” They’re fun.
  • New friends. Some of the people that I’ve met this year are fabulous and have lots in common with me. I’m glad God’s kept me in DC so far this year.
  • Longer daylight hours. I can drive to and from work in daylight (I do not excel at nighttime driving). More importantly, I can go to the gym after work and watch people outside while exercising. My attention wanders while exercising and there’s always plenty going on on La Plata Beach or in front of the gym during the warmer months. (During the winter, it is too dark outside to see through the window.)
  • Allergy medicine.
  • Freshly washed bed linens.
  • New clothes. Especially when they are on sale or at the thrift store.
  • Engagements. So many of my friends are recently engaged. I am so excited that they found their future spouse and that they are so happy together.

having more sunlight hours towards summer

1 May
  • pushing two-a-days bc i can. turned out to be a great week for it too since i got injured shortly afterwards
  • medical clinics. whereas i have to wait hours for a schedule appt for my own doctors, i love that clinics see me within minutes for a walk-in appt. i like doctors that are conscious of their patient’s time.
  • all of my coworkers that have mothered me lately. whether it be humoring my crankiness or helping me put on a cardigan, i love that we’re close enough to be friends in an office environment.
  • university receptions and the free food that ensues. sometimes it’s tasty, other times i am thankful that i don’t mind eating school food.
  • being early and prepared for mag draft deadlines this time around.
  • meeting new people while eating out or waiting. i have talked to so many new people in the past week at doctors’ offices or restaurants, i like that i look friendly enough for strangers to strike up conversation
  • health. being gimpy in so many ways now, i get upset at my current shortcomings. i can’t wait to be able to run or get out of my cast.
  • ibuprofen. although it isn’t doing much for swelling, it certainly helps eliminate pain.
  • gelati dates w ff. since we are both so busy lately, being able to get together and catch up is a treat. we always have tons of things to say and it goes to show that great friends pick up where they left off. i love that i can talk about almost anything w her and she doesn’t judge me for any of it.
  • all sorts of friends who supported me through tears and pain this week. it’s great knowing that so many people care about me.
  • longer hours of sunlight so that when i go home at night, even after going to the gym, it is still light out.