having more sunlight hours towards summer

1 May
  • pushing two-a-days bc i can. turned out to be a great week for it too since i got injured shortly afterwards
  • medical clinics. whereas i have to wait hours for a schedule appt for my own doctors, i love that clinics see me within minutes for a walk-in appt. i like doctors that are conscious of their patient’s time.
  • all of my coworkers that have mothered me lately. whether it be humoring my crankiness or helping me put on a cardigan, i love that we’re close enough to be friends in an office environment.
  • university receptions and the free food that ensues. sometimes it’s tasty, other times i am thankful that i don’t mind eating school food.
  • being early and prepared for mag draft deadlines this time around.
  • meeting new people while eating out or waiting. i have talked to so many new people in the past week at doctors’ offices or restaurants, i like that i look friendly enough for strangers to strike up conversation
  • health. being gimpy in so many ways now, i get upset at my current shortcomings. i can’t wait to be able to run or get out of my cast.
  • ibuprofen. although it isn’t doing much for swelling, it certainly helps eliminate pain.
  • gelati dates w ff. since we are both so busy lately, being able to get together and catch up is a treat. we always have tons of things to say and it goes to show that great friends pick up where they left off. i love that i can talk about almost anything w her and she doesn’t judge me for any of it.
  • all sorts of friends who supported me through tears and pain this week. it’s great knowing that so many people care about me.
  • longer hours of sunlight so that when i go home at night, even after going to the gym, it is still light out.

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