Family bonding time

22 May
  • DC’s new revelations in the restaurant industry. I love that some of my favorite NY places are coming to DC and making this area a better place to be.
  • Having a cast made me appreciate doing everyday things with ease like showering, washing my hands or doing dishes. While I hated it, it was prob a good idea to have it since I am not the most careful person ever.
  • Friends who make you forget the time. Friends who bring out the best in you and make you feel alive.
  • Fun days with the coworkers.
  • Swimming. Especially when I have a terrible day, I can trust that I can go swimming and pass out from exhaustion afterwards. I really missed this while I had my cast and I had had such a terrible, irritable mood.
  • Winning our second game for FXA. Losing seasons suck. Having teammates who make it worthwhile is awesome. I really enjoyed being able to play both ways again, and it still always amazes me if I ever get thrown the ball. Confidence boosting.
  • Getting to know DC streets better. I now don’t always have to drive around DC with GPS on.
  • Peace and trust. Things that I always need more of and am slowly relearning to find.
  • Thinking of you emails. While long messages are daunting, I love short hellos and letters of love.
  • Sundress weather. Amassing a collection of dresses. Finding good bargains.
  • The ORC is open! I will get around to sunbathing eventually.
  • Longer daylight hours. I love being able to swim with the natorium lit by sunlight. It’s this awesome feeling like being outside and more peaceful.
  • Fabulous rain storms. They have and always will make me stare with wonder.

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