Taking risks

30 May
  • Pushing myself beyond my comfort zone and realizing that I can do more than I thought that I was capable of.
  • Eating a nice dinner every now and then. Spending time and money with my friends and treating myself is important.
  • A positive and humble attitude. It is always appreciated and returned with an equally welcoming attitude.
  • Swimming. Some days are harder than others. I love that swimming can involve minimal effort so that I can push myself harder than usual and still not overexert myself
  • G. She always inspires me by how well she manages her life with ease, despite so many obstacles thrown in her path.
  • Air condition. I may like heat and humidity, but I can definitely appreciate it when I’m feeling dizzy at work while trying to meet deadlines.
  • New clothes. I always feel like a new person when I have fabulous new outfit combinations to try.
  • Trying new recipes. I was so lazy for a while, but I forgot how nice it is to cook nice foods.
  • Random DC people who go out of their way to help me in times of need. I never expected that from a city of supposedly cold, business-oriented people.

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