29 Aug

Things that I am constantly need more of:

  • Home. A sense of love and belonging. A feeling of security and comfort.
  • Friends. People who stick by me, respect me, trust me, laugh with me. People who push me to grow.
  • Fun. Making memories, laughing til I can’t breathe, being silly, being surrounded by people.
  • Support and encouragement. Reassurance.

Things that can describe the ugliness of my heart:

  • Selfish. Wanting the best, wanting control, wanting what I think is best for me.
  • Jealous. A pit of doom; I can get stuck in it and not know my way out.
  • Proud. Not humbling myself, refusing to treat others as equal.

Please pray for me.

One Response to “Definitions”

  1. Ang August 29, 2011 at 10:18 pm #

    I don’t think your heart is at all ugly – you’ve just got some room to grow, as we all do. Will be keeping you in my thoughts/prayers..

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