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12 Sep

Part 1: Struggles

And here’s an impressive nugget that bowled me over today when it occurred to me: You can’t “fall from grace.” Just into it. That’s the point–it is freely given, unmerited. The idiom is a myth; grace doesn’t get taken away when you mess up. That’s what makes it amazing (!). — Cricket

I love finding gems like this on Cricket’s blog. Her post, although in two parts, fit very well with what I’m struggling with lately. Grace is something that I constantly seek because I often feel like I’ve screwed up or been a jerk. It feels like heartbreak each time I realize that I’ve been wrong. And yet I keep making mistakes.

Part 2: I refuse to apologize for…

  • being modest or classy (in behavior and my wardrobe)
  • preferring high-quality, expensive things
  • loving sports bar-type hangouts over clubbing at night
  • not being a girly girl
  • believing in stuff (God, faith, hope, love)
  • not having a celebrity crush
  • drinking tap water
  • being a designer
  • exercising at night (which limits weeknight hangouts)