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thankful thursday

28 Feb
  • fun NY trips: finally seeing the tim burton exhibit, the super chill speakeasy, fab fab food.
  • taxis. oh how convenient they are, they even make me forget about the cost involved.
  • fab friends in awesome cities
  • cars, ez passes, free parking. things that would make NY more accessible.
  • exercise. running. fitness classes. little things that make me happy
  • my list o’ projects at work. i like being busy.
  • edgar, jaleo, sangria. jose andres’ food in gen.
  • sleep
  • beating the 1 in 4 odds and getting into UFP-DC. my second UFP banner!


18 Feb

hb. i love and miss you a lot.

thankful thursday

18 Feb
  • awesome print reps
  • schwag
  • first notice of UM events
  • snow days
  • mona
  • fitness classes
  • indoor tracks
  • free locks
  • gatecards for the status, but also days i don’t have to use them
  • greenbelt bolt bus
  • foodie friends
  • proximity of NY to MD, convenient NY getaways
  • c.wu + KIA hilarity.
  • herpes jokes
  • cars for easy transportation
  • crazy races
  • plenty of laughs (work- and race-related)
  • good conversations

thankful thursday

12 Feb
  • my blizzard! (preface: every year i hope for a blizzard. Every. Single. Year. and mama nature has failed me in recent years, but this winter she has blessed us with three humongous snow storms. i love it!)
  • snow days. i am thoroughly caught up on movies, filing taxes, sleeping and somewhat working out.
  • big screen HD TVs. i am spoiled, small TVs no longer fit in my life. i like seeing sports in hi-def. it is Fab.
  • text messages and phone calls. yes, i like feeling important
  • being able to work from home if necessary. and it was necessary. it’s kinda nice to not have to climb out of bed to work!
  • silicon spray. spray on shovel before going outside for easy snow removal. prevents snow from sticking to the shovel. thank you, nerdy daddy.
  • turbotax. it answers all your questions and holds your hand along the way. yes, for the first time ever, i filed my own taxes.
  • familiar faces at the grocery store. i like knowing the check-out clerks.
  • homemade food. cooking my own food. deliciousness
  • lotion. especially after being in the cold snow
  • friends who love to live life to the fullest
  • friends who don’t force advice, only offer it when specifically asked for it.
  • foodies.
  • having power and heat.

One year

8 Feb

Happy one year! Is that the right attitude for this shabang? One year ago our lives were changed and we’ve become so much stronger along the way.

thankful thursday

5 Feb
  • AWESOME travel companions. flo and i get along, we know when to step back, what to eat, when to be spontaneous and when to drop cash. it works so well.
  • leaving work before 6pm. current projects are exhausting and frustrating. but its nice when sometimes i can just go home at a normal time and relax.
  • getting home before 8pm. sometimes its nice when i don’t have after-work plans. i can cook my own dinner and prep a homemade lunch.
  • homemade food. the satisfaction of making my own food. eating deliciousness that i created.
  • vacations. forgetting the cares of the world for a few days and just having fun.
  • restaurant weeks. while dc’s or bmore’s are only okay, new york’s is a bangin opportunity
  • knowing locals when i travel. i hate being a tourist and love when people can show me how to live as normal people do in the city.
  • driving to ny. slightly inconvenient in having to stay awake. very convenient in being able to leave whenever we want and get there faster.
  • people not wanting dessert at asia de cuba. i got a coconut cake packed up for my dad instead and he claimed it to be the best coconut cake he’s ever had. and he really really loves coconut cake 🙂
  • cancelled games. sometimes my life exhausts me and i need a break so i don’t get too sick.
  • fabulous coworkers.
  • local markets like farmers markets, CSAs, co-ops, etc. i wish i lived next to one so i could buy fresh food every day.
  • snow. i love snow. i love blizzards. it’s super pretty and its nice to sit down and relax without all the craziness sometimes.
  • a chance to hang out with konica again! i’ve seen her twice in the past month including going to dinner, which is more than i’ve seen her in the past 6years.
  • all my fav girls. who are there for me even if guys are assholes and anger me lately.
  • good music for roadtrips. being able to sing to the radio with travel buddies. not caring how off-key i might sound.
  • saving money.