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930 club

31 Oct

today’s follow-up doctor session:
dr: you can resume normal people activities
me: like exercise? football?
dr: no, just walking

today becky, paul, and i participated in operation get becky back into the 930 club. she got kicked out for underage alcohol possession (i’m surprised they didn’t do anything besides confiscate alcohol and kick her out). but she got two black Xs on her hands and it was like the worst moment of her day. she had been looking forward to the show SO MUCH and it was going to be the show of her LIFE. and thus we walked around waiting for julia and plotted.

how to smuggle a girl into 930 club
given: two torn tickets, one untorn ticket, one person stamped, and one person Xed

1. go to cvs and buy hand sanitizer and candy
2. scrub your hands til they fall apart and are sticky
3. obtain napkins from random chinese food place
4. go back to cvs and buy permanent markers
5. draw “8:15” on hand of unmarked person, fudge it a bit so the marker bleeds
6. go to subway (food, not metro) to join friends that are eating, show off cool fake 8:15 stamp
7. scrub your hands even more
8. change clothes, hairstyles, bags between hand stamped and hand Xed girls.
9. go back to 930 club
10. send X girl in successfully.
11. send stamped + ticket girl in successfully
12. pretend to be on the phone while quickly rushing through with your fake 8:15 hand, successfully
13. enjoy jimmy eat world
14. be profusely thankful that Xed girl got in and that 8:15 boy was smart enough to dream up and pull off the plan

25 Oct

thankful thursday

  • i’m alive and still able to move around
  • being a senior
  • those scrolly things from the game
  • people who appreciate good seats
  • honey, hot cocoa, ibuprofen
  • my new hat! 😀
  • my new umbrella 🙂
  • lack of projects at work
  • roomies, old roomies, friendly hearts
  • crazy midterm/paper week is done
  • free samples (esp sorbet) at costco
  • dry, warm weather
  • warm beds and hot showers
  • antihistamine, lotion, moisturizing body wash
18 Oct

thankful thursday

  • being able to run (much less, walk) again after being a granny for the past three days
  • really, really welcoming girls
  • being able to go home and have a room to myself
  • the opportunity that i took to sleep 13hrs straight after a grueling couple days last weekend
  • scissors; people that permit you to cut their shoelaces; people who use the red tie thing. so that i don’t have to unlace and tie smelly shoes.
  • free stuff! yay for festivals, yay for DONUTS
  • getting my first free MD tshirt of the year! and becky for ensuring that i did
  • people with cars and who are willing to help me out
  • celebrities who don’t mind having their picture taken
  • a fractured prune in college park. yummmm (only when hot)
  • theory girls who wake me up in class when i fall asleep in the front row
  • extensions on the midterm+exam!
  • good planning of reading for class last week so that i didn’t die this week
  • gaining weight so that i was able to donate blood
  • being done with my long term projects at work 🙂 it feels REALLY good to be able to send trustees directory to print
  • funny people at work
  • paper shows!
  • little lights for having such great people to work with
  • actually waking up at the correct metro stop so i didn’t have to double back for once
  • a ride home from little lights b/c i really didn’t want to metro/walk back home
  • DBO’s rep, doug, and the great pretzels he brings us from PA
  • a relaxing day after a long week
  • the removal of marcus’s kids: jorge don lupe, craig, and that other guy
  • the new thing on our door so that mice don’t crawl under it into the apt
  • plastic portfolios so that all my good work from my real portfolio didn’t mold over and die
  • my bed, b/c when i am sore and cannot move, it feels REALLY good
  • a bye week from football so i could have a free saturday!
  • being able to attend my very first soccer game, and we won! i saw FOUR goals!
  • cheap prices/student discounts
  • 2north for always being real and somehow knowing what to say
  • my fair family who has a never-ending supply of love
  • real emails 🙂
  • rb.
  • stars
  • love, hope, and faith 🙂
11 Oct

thankful thursday

  • cpk 2north, the best boys a girl could ask for
  • giant food being open til midnight
  • really, really nice parents
  • a really good/exciting weekend of football, both terps on saturday and NFL on sunday
  • air condition
  • indoor gym/track
  • fun times with becky (like walking from byrd to rita’s)
  • hannah and bez 🙂 happy birthday to them
  • people who plan the day before and wake up really early to start the tailgate
  • people who actually get tickets to the game so i don’t stand around alone
  • growing up
  • benedryl, antihistamine, things that combat allergic reactions
  • my hagerstown girls who save my life with benedryl
  • good movies
  • free time to be able to see movies (three in the past week!)
  • an in demand art teacher so that he has optional and cancelled classes
  • an extended deadline on my hopper project
  • having a chance to show in a gallery 🙂
  • a bed thats covered with stuff so that sketchy things don’t happen
  • plenty of projects at work to add to my portfolio, and people who give good advice on my projects
  • friends who bake/cook because their food is going bad and thus they need to save it before it spoils completely
  • friends with meal points
  • running and how much freedom it still brings me
  • the fact that i feel safe on my campus despite the obvious safety issues
  • the distance between my apt and the gym, and the multiple routes that i can take so that i at least get a mile jog in just going to the gym
  • dreamers
  • toothbrushes, b/c sometimes people go crazy if they haven’t brushed their teeth all day
  • hugs and friends and people who are there for me when i need them
  • people willing to go to away football games with me 🙂
  • 4 Oct

    thankful thursday

    • the escalade truck in lot xx1, its funny and awkward looking
    • the development of good music after The Fall of music, aka boybands
    • janitors
    • girls, who have your back no matter how long they’ve known you
    • scrubby sponges
    • cleaning chemicals, for when you just happen to think that typing on a computer is smart when you’re also drawing with charcoal
    • spray fix
    • lotion, to help ease the pain of paper burn (similar to rug burn)
    • paper towels, to help prevent paper burn
    • roomies who make sure you don’t end up in campus police blotters… for running into a fence
    • alex, who is supportive in general and helps clean up after parties
    • people like gideon and auntie eugenia that i can trust and that stop me from being rash
    • hillsongs (and bez for giving me a mix cd of them), who are like lullabies for my soul
    • granted wishes at 11:11 and answered prayers
    • cancelled drawing class on wed to buy me time to read my 8 articles for theory
    • cookies, mouse traps, and that book “if you give a mouse a cookie”
    • ib for giving me experience with seminars, so that during discussion exam i really surprised myself and had plenty to say after i stopped being scared
    • my art theory friends (468+489) who make class that much more interesting
    • my theory teacher that understands wanting to experience art so she’s letting me skip class to go see jimmy eat world later this month
    • the overlap between classes of art exhibitions i have to visit, cutting down on the craziness of metroing everywhere and over time spent
    • my drawing teacher for pushing my abilities further than i know and generally being nice to me, including not counting me as tardy
    • love, hope, and faith
    • promises that provide the basis for hope and the stories of love
    • the terps’ win on saturday to save my weekend from having all terrible football losses
    • so many 5k and 10k races coming up that i have the choice of which to do
    • g, for being rb, and also an inspiration in so many ways, including exercise, work ethic, relationships, mental
    • capacity, and inner strength
    • inside people in the sga even if i don’t take advantage of my connections
    • breathing time between school craziness
    • the new ritas italian ice in cp
    • friends with use or lose diner points
    • really, the best friends i could ever ask for, which is why this week i have so many shoutout type thanks 🙂